Tapeworms In Cats And Dogs

Probably the most common of worms found in cats or dogs is the Tapeworm. Especially in areas where there is a high flea population.

The Tapeworm requires the flea as an intermediate host. Cats and dogs ingest infected fleas while grooming giving the worm a free ride into its primary host.

Why is just one Tapeworm dangerous?

Tapeworms are made up of a chain of small segments, each containing hundreds of eggs. Each pod of the Tapeworm contains both male and female reproductive structures meaning they are capable of reproduction independently. These segments break away when mature and are passed out of the host in stools. Just one Tapeworm is a colony waiting to happen.

The Tapeworm itself can grow up to a foot in length and can be detected when the segments are found in a litter box, in the fur around your pets anal area, or in their bed. The segments look like dried rice. Large infestations cause diarrhea, possibly blood, and cause a partial blockage. If you are treating your pet for fleas it is best to also treat for Tapeworm.

Tapeworms are equally at home in you the owner of a cat or dog. This another good reason to keep your pet free from worms. These parasites will make any host sick, you are no exception.

These pictures will help you identify any worms or worm eggs found in the stools of your cat or dog.

picture of a tapeworm from a dogpicture of tapeworm egg packet